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Anita Goodesign Negative Spaces Embroidery Designs Full Collection

Negative Spaces Embroidery Collection

This collection was named after the concept of Negative Spaces. Negative Spaces refers to the space around and between two images. The two images in this amazing collection are the decorative background stitches and the words. At one moment you may find yourself looking at the decorative background stitching completed with a variegated thread or the next moment you are inspired by the positive sayings of the entire collection. We love how the words look as if they are jumping right out of the design!

This collection includes 20 different inspirational and feel good sayings in 3 different sizes. They all stitch out quickly so you could make them all! We decided these designs would look great used to make a fabric boho bag. Why not tote these amazing designs with you everywhere you go? Let’s get started!

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