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Anita Goodesign Express Christmas Tree Cones Embroidery Design

Anita Goodesign Express -- Christmas Tree Cones

Creating embroidered Christmas projects is one of Anita's Goodesigns' favorite things to do! That is why we have provided six different Christmas Tree Cones each with four sizes. The cones are stackable which allows you to create multiple trees of varying heights. Use these designs to create festive holiday decorations or add a classic touch to your mantle. Display an assortment of other holiday items, such as frames, candlesticks, vases, ornaments and holiday figurines to make a winter wonderland. These Christmas Tree Cones are free-standing designs so we've added in the matching bobbin step so you can have decorative fabrics and stitching on both sides! We recommend a tearaway stabilizer so it can be removed when the cone is complete!

These embroidered trees look great alone or added to other holiday decorations. Use faux snow and pine cones with a glimmer of Christmas lights to create a fantastic winter scene. Every set also includes decorative embroidery details to add an extra Christmas pop! With a wide variety to chose from, every tree will have a truly unique look. Personalize it to make a decoration that will last for years!

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