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Anita Goodesign Blissful Africana Embroidery Designs

Blissful Africana

Embroidery Collection

Inspired by the brilliant colors of traditional Africana textiles, Anita Goodesign brings to you Blissful Africana!

Through a variety of oranges, blues and greens, we were able to bring this collection to life and add some flare to our extensive collection of embroidery designs! Not only were we inspired by the hues and shades of Africana textiles, but the traditional patterns caught our eye as well. We were particularly fond of the unique portrayal of the different motifs used throughout. The beautiful flow and repetition of patterns really stood out to us, and inspired us to put a little Anita Goodesign twist on it! With that inspiration in mind, our artists drew breathtakingly, nontraditional pictures of some fan-favorite floral patterns.

Included in the collection are 10 large Africana inspired patterns, with 13 smaller individual designs as well to fulfill any of your embroidering desires! Also included in the collection is a step-by-step tutorial on how to construct your very own pouf ottoman!

Enjoy Anita’s new collection, Blissful Africana. The perfect addition to all your collection of embroidery designs.

Hoop sizes 7” x 12” to 9.5” x 14”

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